Aims and scope

The Journal is published the results of original research in the field of:

electrical complexes and systems for generating electric power, electric drive, power supply, electrical equipment, electrical technology and repair of industrial and agricultural enterprises and organizations, vehicles, aerospace equipment, sea and river ships, service and residential buildings, special equipment, including:

  • general theory of electrical complexes and systems;
  • study of system properties and relationships;
  • physical, mathematical, simulation and computer modeling of electrical complexes and systems components;
  • optimization issues, structural and parametric synthesis of electrical complexes and systems;
  • development of effective control algorithms;
  • research of working capacity and quality of functioning of electrical complexes and systems in different modes;
  • economic, environmental and social issues in the design, construction and operation of electrical complexes and systems;
  • issues of safe and efficient operation, utilization and elimination electrical complexes and systems.

devices of power electronics, including:

  • development of scientific foundations for creating circuits and devices for power electronics;
  • research of properties and principles of functioning of circuits elements and power electronics devices;
  • theoretical analysis and experimental studies of transformation processes in devices of power electronics;
  • issues of optimization of converters, their functional units and elements;
  • mathematical and schematic modeling of converters;
  • development of scientific approaches, methods, algorithms and programs that provide adequate reflection of electromagnetic processes and the laws of the functioning of power electronics devices in the models.