From the editor of the Journal

Dear readers!

Smart grids, intelligent and digital power generating industry are the leading trends in modern technology. Opening a new journal, we provide another creative discussion platform for discussing the modern digital technologies. Within the framework of published articles, we will try to formulate specific tasks that are most relevant for the current level of technical development and share the experience gained in intelligent electric power industry.

Considering various government decrees, expert analytical reports, concepts and other official documents, one can sometimes conclude that the development of digital power industry is based on reproducing the experience of leading world companies and equipment manufacturers. Recognizing the validity of this approach, it should nevertheless be noted many pitfalls: cybersecurity, sanctions, closed software codes, fragmentation of many scientific teams. A number of decisions are made stereotypically, without serious innovations and analysis of prospects for further development.

This situation can be corrected by deeply segmenting the areas of scientific research, focusing them on achieving specific results with given indicators and parameters that correspond to the best world standards. A new scientific concept is needed for the transition to digital intelligent electric power. Only a large team of qualified specialists in the design and operation of electrical complexes and systems can take on the mission of its development.

Best regards, 
Prof. Alexey Loskutov, Editor-in-chief of the journal Smart Electrical Engineering, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor